• Enables operators to deliver a guest experience "on an equal basis" irrespective of physical mobility via device (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2008)

  • Addresses at least 6x UN Sustainable Development Goals including

    1. SDG3: Awareness and early intervention against skin cancer at point of UV exposure (the lounger) to improve Good Health and Wellbeing. Enables social distancing and access to the terrace based on active lounger sessions as determined by policy​

    2. SDG8: Provide Decent Work by using Robotic Process Automation to handle the low value tasks of lounger session management, releasing your staff for more valuable tasks. Use self-service for social distancing

    3. SDG10: Reduce mobility Inequality by enabling a digital platform

    4. SDG12: Drive Responsible Consumption of lounger utility by consistent application of defined and configurable business rules. No more lounger hogging. Everyone gets their fair share of the sun aligned to their guest profile

    5. SDG16: Drive Strong Institution via a Single Version of the Truth for lounger occupation and vacation. Banish error, doubt, bias and contention on the terrace for that stress-free vacation

    6. SDG17: Drive better Partnerships and release additional latent revenue streams via Out Of Home media and digital advertising


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