We have been practising our craft for the last 20+ years

Pathway Consulting Group Limited is an early stage growth micro advisory and implementation practice focusing on outsourcing and procurement, asset management, supply and value chain optimisation and earnings enhancement.


Although we have been practising procurement and supply chain transformation for over 20 years in a variety of industry positions up to and including CPO/Head of Procurement, we are now offering this capability within its own brand and identity.


So why Pathway? Well, at a time when increased business is successfully being brought into the world of healthcare, it makes perfect sense to return the favour and bring more healthcare into the world of business.


As individuals, when we are feeling sick we present ourselves as patients to a doctor for a "Discovery"​ of our symptoms and "Diagnosis"​ of our condition. We then undergo a care pathway of treatments and interventions "Developed"​ and "Deployed"​ in order to reach a predicted outcome; mostly a cure or restoration to our condition prior to the sickness. The approach taken uses experiences gleaned from multiple iterations of the same process applied to other patients with the same or similar condition; and has syntax/order of events. It also has an ethos of evidence-based continuous improvement and our proposition to business is that organisations with whom we engage have an outcome of being of more value than before our engagement.


This analogy as the "4D"​(R) model helps describe what we do in universal terms and the approach blended with our unique perspective on many asset management topics honed from valuable experience in a wide variety of organisation types, sizes and stages of evolution creates our Unique Selling Proposition.


And the logo? The converging lines represent business functions successfully coming together as a high performing team in order to produce value-adding outcomes. Our company name is also future-proofed in order to accommodate additional functional disciplines at a later date as necessary. We're excited at what the future holds for us...!


Please get in touch for more information. We'd love to hear from you !

Colin Bidewell
Director, Founder and Principal Consultant
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Colin has over 20 years' experience in roles of increasing responsibility up to and including Strategic Head of Procurement (CPO), with purchasing and supply chain functions of various levels of maturity including those awarded and recognised for best industry practice.