My thoughts on potential topical tv shows...

This article first appeared on LinkedIn on 10th March 2017

So I was supplementing this post regarding Sarah Willingham's 13 essential lessons to raising finance, alluding to Dragons' Den in the process. Dragons' Den is a tv show where aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for investment and business mentoring from angel (or Dragon) investors in return for an equity share of their venture.

So this got me thinking about an alternative talent show for procurement called "The Procurement Pen". The idea is currently under development but effectively rising stars of the discipline enter a warehouse-type studio with their ideas on how to push the function forward. The panel comprise industry leading procurement folk (or anyone who wants to contribute, really) sitting on easy chairs within a sturdy metal-barred enclosure (maybe snorting and squeaking a little for 'authenticity' and sporting all sorts of bovine mask and/or costume depending on how far one might want to go with the idea) who then grade the pitches based on a range of criteria including among others the ability to convey an argument in the face of distraction and otherwise complete absurdity - a kind of role play with a twist....all in the name of charity and functional advancement.

Views ?!

My other idea under development was something along the lines of "I'm a Management Consultant, Get Me Out Of Here, Big Brother...." a fly on the wall docudrama about consultants from different firms tackling the key issues of the day....although I'm not entirely sure that this would work due to among other factors the potential inability to disclose confidential know-how and solve the show's puzzles and challenges without some form of lucrative consideration being given in return....a hefty exchange of statements of work, project risk and ensuing negotiations concerning value and over/under delivery may snag things up a little...


Enjoy your Friday and weekend,'s springtime

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